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Betting can be the best way to get money and the worst way to lose what you have. Betting intelligently is not for everybody, there are some people who only like to bet on the big matches or on the most famous teams. I love to win with whatever I bet on; it doesn't matter if it's the Champions League or the 8th Portuguese Liga. I prefer to bet on the minor series, because there are less nasty surprises but I also bet on major leagues because sometimes there are odds that you just can't miss out on. I study every match in all its single parts: formation, form, morale, mass-media, motivation etc. In this way it is really hard to lose. I always prefer winning at [link removed] than losing at [link removed], and that's why I sometimes bet at odds between [link removed] and [link removed] - because I want to win, not just bet. The first and only rule is essential: emotions off. When you bet, it is essential to be focused on what you are doing.

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