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My opinion is that all serious betting should be calculated, systematic, predatory and opportunistic. Calculation demands absolute respect for numbers, mathematics, logics, statistics, history record and trend development. The systematic element refers to unrelenting effort and being in a state of constant alert for weaknesses when hunting for the next victim. The predatory element relates to striking down the most vulnerable prey – the one offering the most profitable relation between odds and probability of happening.

Betting is to be done only when a profitable opportunity arises and the weakness has been spotted and targeted. Value can be found in most countries and in most soccer leagues throughout the world depending on the keenness of the eye and the experience of the hunter.

My BetFame performance targets uncompromisingly serious approach, thorough effort, attention to detail, reliability, large winning and undefeated streaks, comparatively short losing streaks, strong reference to equal stakes, risk control through odds and careful match selection, predominantly average odds even though working with odds in all ranges, no priority to any given type of bet but choosing the most appropriate bet for the most vulnerable game, no priority to any soccer league worldwide, full incorporation of all strongest and weakest European leagues and cups.

The conservative bankroll should be 15 - 20 tips with more than 20 being overkill. 

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