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Since I was in high school, I started to discover the benefits of making sports bets. As my first winnings were in products mostly, as the years passed, i started to find out that sports betting can bring you a nice and steady income. After I graduated the University in 2014, I started to dedicate more and more time to sports betting and improving with each bet and learning from my mistakes. Yes, I found out the hard way that one or two key players can make a difference if they are banned in the next important match, I found out it takes discipline and patience to win, I found out if you have a bad day you may want to stop; those sort of things made me the tipster I am today. I bet only the money I afford to lose, I have patience and i keep my feelings away about my favorite teams when I bet. I prefer to bet on Match odds, Over/Under and Goals scored by home/away team, these are my favorite kind of betting. After trying to fit in a professional betting community and being disappointed so many times with all kind of untrusty people, I finally found out about this site and their teams of professional tipsters. And yes, they have seen the potential in me and they gave me a shot to share my betting experience with you.

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