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I am a girl that passionate about football all my life - I am addicted to it. My betting experience started in the early 2000s when I began betting mainly on football in local bookmakers. Almost 10 years ago I started to bet professionally and bet using online bookmakers. And now I am a professional tipster.


Everything I do in betting is designed towards looking for value and market mistakes. I don't mind if our betting opportunities come from bookmakers that didn't set the right odds for a game or if the market acted incorrectly on another game for any reason. My job and commitment with you are to do the right thing when the opportunity arises. I don't waste my time (and yours) trying to predict the future. Everything I do is about looking for value, the best +EV decision. I believe that a sharp bettor should know when and how to use math, information, and the market to make the best decisions to profit from long term. I only place bets on markets that have good liquidity for my clients be able to enjoy fair and valuable odds.

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